Sedona Group Ride Directions

8 Important MTB Rules of the Trail

Mountain biking is having a big moment right now. New riders have been hitting the trails in droves and we are over the moon that they are discovering the freedom, exhilaration, and connection with nature (and each other!) that mountain biking provides. So, let us

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Scratch braking rundown

Braking 101: The What, Why and How

Whether you are brand new to mountain biking or you’ve been riding for many years, it’s important that you have a baseline understanding of what your brakes do, why they are important and exactly how to use them. Having a solid braking foundation will allow

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Rudy Project Protera Helmet

Armor Up with 5 Types of Protective MTB Gear

By Jeremiah “Scratch” Stone Have you been feeling stronger on the bike, doing your homework, and stepping up your skills? With great skills progression comes great responsibility…to keep yourself intact! So let’s take a moment to do a quick inventory on your protective gear to

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Eden Jackson Ninja Instructor

Welcome Send’er of Service: Eden Jackson

What happens when you combine a former Pro Downhill Racer, Ninja Instructor, Bike Shop Employee and Super Mom with a bright, positive personality? You get Eden Jackson, Ninja’s Send’er of (Customer) Service. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest addition to

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new bike buying guide zachs bikes

New Bike Buying Guide by Zach’s Bikes

Got a question about a riding skill? Ninja can help with that! Got a question about bike gear, components, and brands? That is a question for the experts at your local shop. I reached out to my local shop, Zach’s Bikes in Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Becky Bike Work Stimulus Package


Looking for ways to stimulate your riding experience during quarantine? Today we’ve got a plan for creating your very own Mountain Biking Stimulus Package. Mountain Biking Stimulus Package [noun], defined as: A set of actions by a mountain biker that is intended to encourage improved

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Ninja and Ryan Leech Connection Fist Bumb

Ninja Joins Forces with Ryan Leech Connection

For over 10 years, Ninja has been committed to helping riders reach their personal riding goals by offering in-person, real-time feedback at clinics and camps around the country. In an effort to uphold our commitment to helping you gain confidence and skills on the bike,

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Color Like a Ninja: Free Coloring Page Downloads

Looking for new ways to keep the kids (and adults) in your household entertained? We’ve got you covered! Grab your colored pencils, markers, crayons or whatever you have laying around in your junk drawer. It’s time to get creative! Download the free Ninja Coloring Pages,

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Ninja Kid Busy from Home

School’s cancelled. You know what that means? It’s time for homeschooling; mountain bike edition! If you are looking for some fun and creative ways to keep your Ninja Kid busy from home, here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning: 1. Color Like

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The Art Of Conquering Skinnies

Oh, the dreaded skinny. Wait, what is a “skinny”? A skinny is typically referring to a thin or narrow feature you can ride, most often made of wood, either planks or log(s). Skinnies come in all different shapes and sizes! For many riders, the thought

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Cort Muller James and Amy Sunrise Sedona

4 Ways to Keep MTB In Your Socially Distanced Life

As the world faces drastic lifestyle changes to combat the spread of COVID-19, it can be easy to lose a sense of normalcy. That loss can be incredibly unsettling and challenging. We are here to help! Chances are, if you’ve found yourself on this post,

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