adventuring solo_girl and dog_mtb

9 Tips for Riding Solo & Loving It

Are you interested in pedaling solo but not-so-sure about the prospect of being out there alone? Maybe you’re wondering – How do I navigate the trails? What happens if I break my bike and can’t fix it? Where should I ride? Stop worrying! Riding by

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Ninjas share success stories

History Made: Ninja Instructor Retreat

What happens when 37 Ninja Instructors from 17 states gather in one place for 5 days and you add a mini bike park, a jump line, 1 outdoor shower, and 547 cups of coffee? Ninja’s first ever Instructor Retreat. The goal was simple: to join

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Hillary Marques Dirt Rag Article on Ninja

Ninja In The News: Featured On Dirt Rag

Dirt Rag Magazine showed up to a 2-Day Camp in Stokesville, Virginia and left with the key ingredients for a margarita-worthy feast. “Every time I thought I had my weight forward or backward, or was turning with my belly button, or keeping my eyes up

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Becky Jo Steele at Phil's Trail in Bend

[WATCH] Ninja Celebrates Women’s MTB Day

Ninjas all over the country celebrated IMBA’s Women’s MTB Day on May 4th with high fives, happy dances and a hefty dose of getting rowdy on the trails. From Santos, Florida to Bend, Oregon to Stokesville, Virginia, the force was especially strong at our Women’s

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Teri Ayotte and family, 8 Tips for Riding with Kids

8 Ninja Tips for Riding with Kids

We bought our kids balance bikes before they could walk, played bike videos on YouTube instead of cartoons, and moved them up a wheel size way too early because “they’ll grow into it”. Why? Because as mountain biker parents it’s more than just teaching our

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Jeremiah in runner's lunge - mtb yoga

10 Simple Yoga Moves for Mountain Bikers

By Jeremiah Stone Do you ever wake up feeling like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz? If only there was a can of oil to make it all feel right again! Luckily, we have the next best thing to get your body loose and

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Hannah Levine smiles in Rudy Project and Handup Gloves

21 Signs You’re a Mountain Biker

1. You get back from vacation and look like you got in a bar fight….with a pile of rocks. 2. You’re shocked that some people use their garages for cars. 3. You know your preferred front and rear tire pressure down to a fraction, but

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Jeremiah Reads the dirt in Moab

Types of Trail Surfaces & How to Ride Them

By Jeremiah Stone One of the best parts about mountain biking is traveling to new places and exploring new trails. We’re all familiar with our local trails, but what about all the other surfaces you might encounter? Here are some of the most famous (and

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Pre-Ride Routine for Mountain Bikers - Jeremiah Gearing up

5 Components of a Successful Pre-Ride Routine

By Jeremiah Stone The iconic words of AC/DC ring true once again… “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You!” It’s on, you’ve got a date with destiny and it’s time to ride. But before you saddle up, you should develop your pre-ride routine to

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Richard Racing wet conditions

7 Steps to Riding In Wet Conditions

We’ve officially entered one of our favorite seasons… the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and, depending on where you are, you might be seeing the ground for the first time in months. The good news: it’s time to get back on your bike.

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Group ride through the Mustang region of Nepal

Group Rides 101: 9 Tips For Success

Can I confess something? The first time I showed up to a group mountain bike ride I walked into the hosting bike shop, looked around at all the other experienced looking riders and promptly walked right back out to my car to hyperventilate for a

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Mountain Biking in Moab - Drop

Ninja Adventure Clinic Spotlight: Moab

By Jeremiah Stone There’s a little town in the Utah desert that holds a special place in my heart, calling me to shred like some sort of religious pilgrimage. Behold: Moab, Utah. The red rock walls and the extra-terrestrial landscape of the trails will blow

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