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5 Steps To Riding Up & Over Obstacles

By Aaron Lutz You’re out on the trail having an epic ride and then the inevitable happens –  you come up on a large obstacle in your way. Could be a rock, a log, or anything else big enough to force you to dismount your

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6 Steps to Becoming a Mountain Bike Instructor

By Joanna Yates / @joannajyates Have you ever wanted to ride your bike for a living? Have you considered becoming a certified mountain bike instructor? If yes…keep reading!  In this article, we asked a Professional Mountain Bike Coach (And Ninja!) Joanna Yates to share her

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6 Tips for Learning How to Endo 180

Being able to do a front wheel pivot on your bike has a pretty big “cool” factor, but it’s also remarkably useful on the trail. Most often, the front wheel pivot is used to navigate tight switchbacks or turns. But before you can show off your endo

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When To Shift Gears

The goal of having gears is to keep your pedals moving at an even cadence (speed), while each pedal stroke gives you the most bang for your buck. You shift to keep your speed and efficiency on the bike. Uphill ↗️ If you want to

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The Future is Bright: Q&A with Tessa, Age 11

Thanks to the global pandemic, 11 year old Tessa has found herself with more free time to pursue her passions this year. Tessa really enjoys writing AND mountain biking, so we decided to put her skills to the test. We hijacked her English homework this

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Jeremiah Podcast Feat Ninja

[LISTEN] Singletracks.com Podcast w/Jeremiah Stone

Ninja Lead Instructor Jeremiah “Scratch” Stone is not only a world-class instructor, but also an expert rider and professional trail builder. Listen as Jeremiah chats with Jeff from the singletracks.com podcast, Mountain Bike Voices. Jeff and Jeremiah will have you LEARNING and LAUGHING as they

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5 Braking Drills you can do on your next ride

7 Must Know Skills for the New Mountain Biker

Would you ever hand your keys to someone who’s never driven a car before and say, “Here ya go! Figure it out and good luck!”. We hope not!  With great power, comes great responsibility… and we would argue that mountain biking is a great power.

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MTB Spark_Ninja

4 Tips for Keeping the MTB Spark Alive

No one said mountain biking was easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not 100% worth the effort! If you feel like your relationship with your bike is on the fritz, take a minute to evaluate your problem areas before you resort to drastic measures. A

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Night Riding 101: Getting Started

Winter can be kind of a bummer for Mountain Bikers in most parts of the country. Unless you live in the Nation’s warmer regions like Arizona or Florida, it becomes downright difficult to ride in those winter months. It’s cold(er), the days are shorter (with

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If At First You Don’t Succeed – Session

Sessioning is great for learning how to overcome obstacles that are familiar so you can make quick judgements on what is best done when you encounter similar obstacles on different trails. If we’re being honest though, it’s also just fun.

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Puzzled riders

12 (Not So) Stupid Mountain Biking Questions

When you first start riding (or any time, really) you may have some questions that seem, well, stupid. To borrow a quote from Mark Twain “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.” To spare you the five minutes of foolery, we’ve answered 12 common questions that you may have never otherwise asked.

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