Do you want to ride faster and feel more confident on your mountain bike?

Ninja MTB skills clinics are here to help! After just one mountain bike skills clinic or camp, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your riding and feel more confident on the trails.

Our experienced instructors will teach you how changes in your body position, footwork, and where you look can make a big difference in how your bike behaves. In addition, you’ll learn how to tackle steeper terrain, corner with control, and smoothly ride over obstacles.

Become the rider you were meant to be – sign up for our mountain bike skills clinics today and start seeing results!

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“I had a blast!!! So much information packed into a weekend. My coaches did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating each technique and how they all fit together. I never knew how much went into turns!! Their advice and coaching was excellent and gave me the tools to fix my frustrations with riding. Can’t wait to see how much improvement I have over the next few months!! I’ll be back!”

Patrick M.

Verfiied Customer

“Wow! I had no idea what I didn't know. Our coach, Selena, was so supportive and encouraging. She showed us an obstacle in the morning, letting us know that was the goal for the end of the class. We all said there's no way-- but, by the end of the class, we all rode it like pros! The class was truly amazing. I've already signed up for another. I hope Selena is our coach again!”

Rhonda L.

Verfiied Customer

I took the two day course this past weekend. Instructors (Ben and Tom) were detailed, patient and professional. What you get is an essential tool-kit. You can't get this from YouTube. You'll be a better rider after day one. I've already signed up to take the advanced course again in January and can't wait to dig into the homework assignments. We had an awesome group too which helped.”

Ian M.

Verfiied Customer

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