Ninja Mountain Bike Race Team

ANNOUNCEMENT  Ninja Mountain Bike Race Team You already train together. You suffer up Z-climb repeats together. You do standing Pershings together. You all face “The Wall” together. You already cheer each other on at the monthly TT/Fitness Tests… And now, we’re making it so you

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One-On-One Mountain Bike Skills Sessions

Have you already attended one of our skills clinics and now want to focus on mastering just one or two specific skills?  Is your schedule jam packed and preventing you from attending the scheduled group clinics? Or maybe you’re even a one-man (or woman!) wolfpack

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Secret Techniques to Effective Braking

Much of a Pro mountain biker’s control, skill and speed lies in the way they use their brakes and the way they set-up their brake controls on the bars. Modern mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes, have brake levers that are specially designed to be

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Balboa Park TT (Time Trial / Fitness Test) 06/20/13

Results: Spoke Grenade Balboa Park TT (Time Trial / Fitness Test) 06/20/13 Place Rider Name Start Time Finish Time June TT Time Personal Record Men 1 Kyle Wills 6:44:00 6:56:23 0:12:23 2 Benjamin 6:45:00 6:58:07 0:13:07 3 Todd 6:47:30 7:00:41 0:13:11 4 Steve 6:48:30 7:01:51

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Quick n’ Dirty Course Preview May 20

For those ninjas-in-training that want test their skills in a race environment–and have a blast doing it–I  recommend participating in the Quick n’ Dirty Race Series. The course is fast, fun, beginner friendly, and spectator friendly due to its multiple loops. To ride like a

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Top 10 Ways to Go Faster on Your Mountain Bike

We often get asked how to go faster on your mountain bike, check out our top 10 tips tips to get you smokin’ down the trail. With practice, these tips will help you ride with more confidence, momentum, efficiency and control. 1. Keep your weight

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How to Mountain Bike Faster

By: Michael Frank What the pros know about speed can help you fly. “I see a guy going into a corner faster than he should and he needs to correct. He brakes, he starts to lean back on the suspension. So the tires break loose,

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The Art of Drifting Around Corners

By: Brian Fiske It’s not easy, but this advanced move will help you carry more speed and control through corners. World Cup mountain biker Chris Kovarik shows you how. The Expert: Chris Kovarik holds the record for the largest margin of victory in a World

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