How to do a Manual Front Wheel Lift

The manual is a useful skill for lofting  your front wheel over an obstacle.  Yes, lofting as opposed to lifting. Once you know how to manual you will start to see the trail completely differently. You’ll no longer have to ride over small trail obstacles,

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Effective Braking Techniques

Much of a Pro mountain biker’s control, skill and speed lies in the way they use their brakes and the way they set-up their brake controls on the bars. Modern mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes, have brake levers that are specially designed to be

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Laguna Mountain Camp | Nobel Canyon

We’re headed back to one of SoCal’s best riding spots! Join us at the Laguna Mountain Camp! **Nobel Canyon Shuttle Included (details below)** Challenging for all levels and super fun!  This 2-day camp in the Laguna Mountains just east of San Diego. This camp is

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Fire Road 100 Course Preview | Cedar City, Utah

Endurance races seem to take on an almost mythical appeal. They become larger than life, something people dream about doing and place on their bucket list.  For triathletes, it’s Ironman events. For runners, it’s Ultras like Badwater. And for mountain bikers, its endurance events like

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Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race Camp

Want to train for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race with experienced race finishers? Join us for our Leadville 100 MTB Camp June 23-25, 2017! We’ll teach you the ins and outs of the course, where to rest, where to dig deep, where the aid

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11 Tips To Get Back On Track

1. Take It Easy So you can’t do that long, 3-hour training ride you used to, either because you lack the fitness or the time to complete it. Don’t beat yourself up over it! Avoid the“all or nothing” type of thinking to get back to

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Ninjas Support Project Bike Love

Every year we keep getting bigger and better, with more product and service offerings and more partnerships with some of the best companies in the industry. This coming year is no exception and we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Rock n’

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2016 Team Ninja Kits Unveiled!

We are SUPER excited to announce that we’ve combined the badass style of Betty Designs with the ultimate comfort and performance of ZOCA gear cycling clothing to make our 2016 Team Ninja kit, plain and simply, the coolest. This is the kit to see and

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2015 Team Ninja Party Recap

We had a great turn out the past weekend at our 2nd annual Team Ninja End of Season Party. Over 143 Ninjas, family and friends of Ninjas, and potential future Ninjas gathered to enjoy each others company, celebrate our accomplishments from the past year, learn

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10 Tips to Racing in Wet Conditions

A little know-how and planning can go a long way in improving your odds for success when racing in wet conditions.  Check out our top 10 tips to racing in wet conditions. 1. Leave some mud on the course. First off, mud is going to

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Free One-on-One Skills Sessions

You know that feeling when you score a really good deal on something? The good ole I-bargained-that-price-down-to-half-its-MSRP?  Or the I-found-the-last-one-in-the-sale-bin feeling?  You get all giddy from the excitement because it feels like you won something. And who doesn’t like winning?  Well, get warmed up to

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Product Review: Timber – A Friendlier MTB Bell

At Ninja Mountain Bike Performance, we love to include trail etiquette as a “skill” and we think it’s just as important to maintaining and protecting our trails as learning how to flow through sweet single track without skidding on the brakes. In the increasingly political

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