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Introducing: The Ninja Eco-Boost Pedal!

Introducing: The Ninja Eco-Boost Pedal! Ninja Mountain Bike Performance is excited to announce our latest innovation, aimed at boosting your ride while keeping Mother Nature in mind – the Ninja Eco-Boost Pedal! Our new Eco-Boost Pedal is designed to harness the power of your pedal strokes, converting them into energy that fuels a small, eco-friendly […]

Choosing the Right Airbag Lander

Choosing the Right Airbag Lander Everything You Need to Know about Airbag Lander and Jump Ramps Hey fellow riders and thrill-seekers! If you’re like me, always on the hunt for the next big air and smooth landings, then buckle up because We’ve got some game-changing gear to talk about. Having shredded on both the Ninja […]

Bike Ramps, Jumps and Hoppers: Expert Review On The Best

If you’re a biking enthusiast, you know that finding the perfect bike ramp or jump is crucial for your skills, safety and, most importantly, FUN! With so many options out there, it can be challenging to select the best one. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top bike ramps, jumps, and BMX and mountain […]

Top 10 Ways To Keep The Mountain Bike Spark Alive

womens mountain bike group

Mountain biking is an amazing sport, but sometimes the excitement can fizzle out. Fear not, fellow mountain bikers, for we have the secret to reigniting the fire in your biking soul. Here are our top 10 (or so) most effective ways to keep the mountain bike spark alive: 1. Join a Bike Group Join a […]

Master the Jump: Secrets to Keeping Your Feet on The Pedals

kyle and april jumping

Feet coming off the pedals while jumping is a scary experience. Here are five tips to help keep your feet connected to the pedals, prevent a racing heart and help you to finally master the jump. Jumping Technique The most common reason for feet coming off pedals is the rider’s body coming up too fast […]

Bike Ramp Options: The Complete Guide To Find Your Perfect Fit

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Bike ramps come in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate different types of riding, surfaces, and terrain. Here are some of the most common types of bike ramps: No matter what type of riding you prefer, there is a ramp out there that will fit your needs. When choosing a ramp, consider the […]

MTB Classes Near Me

MTB classes near me

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that provides a great workout and an opportunity to explore the great outdoors. However, for those new to the sport, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin. Consequently, that’s why taking a class, clinic or lesson is a great way to improve your skills and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bike Stands: A Comprehensive Guide

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A bike stand is a device that holds a bicycle upright in a stationary position, allowing for easy maintenance and repair. There are several types of bike stands available, each with their own unique features and benefits. Repair Bike Stands The most common type of stand is the repair stand, which is designed to hold […]

Tips For Shifting Gears On Your Mountain Bike

how to shift gears on your mountain bike

Shifting gears is a crucial part of cycling and mastering this skill can make your rides smoother, more efficient and more enjoyable. As you pedal uphill, it’s important to shift into an easier gear in order to conserve energy and maintain your balance. This way, you can keep moving at a steady pace while exerting […]