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If you’re a biking enthusiast, you know that finding the perfect bike ramp or jump is crucial for your skills, safety and, most importantly, FUN! With so many options out there, it can be challenging to select the best one. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top bike ramps, jumps, and BMX and mountain bike hoppers.

Bike Ramp Choices, Where To Start

When it comes to bike ramps and jumps, there are many choices available. You may be looking for a small ramp for your driveway, a bigger ramp for out in the wild. Either way, you’re in luck because there’s something for everyone.

The Ninja Approach ramp is one of the best bike ramps, perfect for both beginners and experts. This ramp can be used for BMX or mountain biking. This ramp has a significant height range, from 13 to 24″, and is lightweight, portable, and comes with backpack straps. You can easily take this bike ramp with you anywhere.

Next Level Bike Ramps

If you want to elevate your skills, a bigger bike jump like the MTB Approach with Boost Extension is an excellent choice. This ramp boosts the height to 34″ and is perfect for riders who are ready to kick things up a notch!

Bike Ramps For New Riders

For newer riders just getting into BMX or mountain biking, a small hopper or kicker can help you perfect your skills. The Ninja Turbo jump ramp is perfect for this purpose, helping you jump high and far with low risk. The Turbo kicker jump ramp is the perfect first jump ramp for riders of all ages and abilities. With its adjustable height (13″ high to 10″ low) and 4-panel design, you’ll get a smooth and sturdy jump radius. The adjustable legs adapt to uneven terrain and various surfaces.

Another great hopper ramp is the Ninja MTB Hopper Intro. It’s the smallest of the Ninja ramps and a perfect choice for new BMX, mountain biking, and small wheel sports riders. With a max height of 12″, this little jump ramp is small but mighty and can be used to practice a variety of tricks and jumps.

Intermediate Bike Ramps

Finally, for intermediate riders looking for a larger ramp for their bike, the Ninja Mach 1 is an excellent option. This ramp is perfect for both beginners and experts and has a max height of 18″. It’s super lightweight, portable, and can be used for BMX or mountain biking.

The Ninja MTBHopper Lite is another mid-sized BMX and mountain bike hopper you may want to consider. It’s suitable for low to medium-speed jumps and other small wheel sports like skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades. While it doesn’t quite have the range of the Mach 1, it’s still a great mid-level ramp (it’s max height is 17″).

In conclusion, whether you’re into BMX, mountain biking, or just looking for a ramp, there’s something for everyone out there. By choosing the right ramp or hopper, you can improve your skills and have a great time doing it.

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