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Mountain biking is an amazing sport, but sometimes the excitement can fizzle out. Fear not, fellow mountain bikers, for we have the secret to reigniting the fire in your biking soul. Here are our top 10 (or so) most effective ways to keep the mountain bike spark alive:

1. Join a Bike Group

Join a ride group or club. Get together with some fellow mountain bikers and form a gang. Choose a cool name, make some custom jerseys, and take over the trails. The sense of community will reignite the love for the sport. Many areas have local MTB rides posted in on meetup.com, or check in with your local bike shop!

womens mountain bike group

2. Spa Time

Take your bike to the spa. Yes, you heard us right. Give your bike a spa day. Wash it down, lubricate the chain, and maybe even give it a massage. Your bike will thank you and you’ll have a bond like no other.

3. Get Some New MTB Gear

Invest in some new gear, such as a new pair of gloves, shoes or pads. The upgrade will not only make your rides more comfortable but will also give you a new motivation to hit the trails. Perhaps you’ll take our recommendation on a flashy new helmet? Nothing screams “I love mountain biking” like a brand-new helmet. Not only will you look cool, but you’ll also be extra safe while riding. Or, checkout the Ninja line of top-rated knee and elbow pads!

4. Get Creative

Create a mountain biking movie. Get together with your biking friends and create a movie about your adventures on the trails. You’ll have a blast filming and reliving the memories on screen. Who knows, you may even become the next biking sensation.

5. Take the Road Less Traveled

Try riding new trails, or tackle a challenging trail you’ve never ridden before. This will give you a sense of adventure and bring back the excitement in your rides.

6. Try Racing

Set up a friendly race with your biking buddies, or participate in a local mountain bike race. The competition will bring out your competitive spirit and keep the thrill alive.

7. Plan an Adventure

Plan a camping trip with your bike, explore new trails and take in the beauty of the great outdoors. The change of scenery and new experiences will reignite the passion for the sport.

8. Volunteer for MTB Trail Work

Volunteering for trail work not only helps to maintain the trails, but also gives you a new appreciation for the sport. Working with others to keep the trails in good condition will bring a sense of community and will help keep the mountain bike spark alive.

9. Try Something New

Try a different style of riding If you usually ride cross-country, try out downhill or enduro riding. If you usually ride with a group, try solo riding. Experimenting with different styles of riding will bring a fresh perspective and help keep the spark alive.

10. Push Yourself

Set a new personal best Set a new personal goal for yourself, such as completing a challenging trail in a faster time or riding a longer distance. Challenging yourself will bring a new level of excitement and motivation to your rides.

Bonus – Take a Mountain Bike Skills Course

Take a skills course to improve your technique and confidence on the trails. The improved skills will give you a newfound sense of accomplishment and keep the mountain bike spark alive. Did you know the Ninja offers thousands of skills clinic across the US for riders of all levels? You can see our update schedule here.

So, there you have it. Try out these effective ways to keep the mountain bike spark alive. Who knows, you may end up having the most fun you’ve ever had on the trails. Happy riding!

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