#2020 certainly presented its share of challenges (can we can all agree this is an understatement?). However, one thing’s for sure, YOU never stopped your quest for knowledge. To foster this quest, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 skills tips you wanted to know more about this past year. Grab your glasses, secure your favorite libation and read on.


Some may say knowing the rules of the trail is not a “skill.” However with the sudden boom of outdoor activities and trail use this year, being a courteous rider is not only a skill; it’s absolutely NECESSARY in order to avoid conflict. As an aside, being a good human in certainly a skill that everyone can appreciate.


Ninja knows that that the fundamental skills are the most important. They are the solid foundation required to become a great rider. Knowing the basics (without thinking about them) is the “starter toolbox” to the eventual workshop of tools you will have as you progress to intermediate and advanced riding.


STYLE, it’s all about style. Oh and you know, the manual is a useful skill for lofting your front wheel over a trail obstacle. Once you add the manual front wheel lift to your skills workshop (because you’ve graduated from your starter toolbox) you’ll start to see the trail completely differently.


Isn’t bike technology great? Instead of having brake pads, we now have Disc brakes and by golly, they stop when you say “STOP!” The invention of disc brakes led us to one finger braking and this is a game changer for some. Take a trip down braking lane…


When it comes to a smooth switchback, faster is not always your friend. Entering a switchback with controlled speed means you don’t have to hammer on the brakes in the middle of your turn (psst – same is true for high speed corners). Re-educate yourself on the proper technique to ride switchbacks going down.

We know this is a short list; it was simply the top five things YOU wanted to know about this year. However, we’ve got an entire library of knowledge from the best mountain bike instructors in the the nation. Be sure to visit our blog for ALL the tips and so much more.

Key Takeaway: Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

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