The Dogs of Ninja: Meet Our Furriest Employees

Ninja relies on the talents of our furry companions to execute over 600 skills events around the country every year. So in honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21st, we’d like to introduce you to the dogs of Ninja and how their unique abilities contribute to our success.

Wombat finds the perfect spot
  • Name: Wombat
  • Supervisor: Jeremiah Stone
  • Title: Chief Safety Officer, Trail Features Division
  • Duties: Oversee installation and testing to avoid code violations, be a good boy
Pippy goes to Stokesville with Gordon
  • Name: Pippy
  • Supervisor: Gordon Wadsworth
  • Title: Equipment Security Supervisor
  • Duties: Premises surveillance, lick suspicious passerby extra hard
Photo: Steve Shannon
  • Name: Bud
  • Supervisor: Hannah Levine
  • Title: Certified Leg Lift Operator
  • Duties: Mark official trail boundaries, trees, rocks, shrubs, sticks, brother’s head
  • Name: Koda Bear
  • Supervisor: Becky Jo Steele
  • Title: Photographer’s Assistant
  • Duties: Facilitate photo shoot setup and wardrobe styling. *Dreams of becoming a photographer were shattered by lack of thumbs
Arrow smiles between hot laps
  • Name: Arrow
  • Supervisor: Brian Danz
  • Title: Cardiovascular Efficiency Expert
  • Duties: Deliver motivation during riding breaks by anxiously wagging tail to get a move on already
Russ and Raven shred desert
  • Name: Raven
  • Supervisor: Russ Risdon
  • Title: Surface Conditions Educator
  • Duties: Advise on the detrimental effects of skidding and instruct proper braking technique despite having 20 toes and 0 fingers
Ninja Safety Meeting Break with Blue
  • Name: Blue
  • Supervisor: Richard La China
  • Title: Human Resources Director
  • Duties: Oversee the recruitment of new Ninjas and maintain the highest level of stoke with motivational meetings and high-fives

Whether your dog helps you pick the best lines, gives you high fives between laps at the bike park, or provides recovery support on the couch, here’s a big, wet smooch and butt sniff to your furry companion from ours.

What’s your dog’s very official title and duties? Comment below!

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