Brian Danz

Brian has been riding and instructing for over 15 years. He has a love of teaching beginners and a knack for breaking down skills into simple terms to make them manageable to newer riders as well as refocusing those with experience. He brings a strong understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body to his lessons, and his background as a yoga instructor lends a unique, relaxed, and fun style to his teaching.

Home Base

Portland, ME

Other Gig

Service Manager & Instructor at the Portland Gear Hub // Owner & Aerial Drone Pilot at Arrow-Straight Enterprises

Favorite Type of Terrain or Feature

Steep rock rollers in dense woods

Favorite Post-ride Food or Drink

Plantain chips & hazy IPAs (after the protein recovery drink, of course.)

Favorite Riding Tip

Get off the saddle and get more weight over the front wheel

Favorite Riding Partner

My dog Arrow, of course! He’s an excellent trail dog and can go all day long. The best rides are when the pack of dogs outnumbers the pack of humans!

How did you get into mountain biking?

When I was 14 – freshman in HS – my friend and I joined the school cycling club… we hated riding the road, too boring! So we saved up and bought real mountain bikes, bar ends and all, and started our own club. It still exists at the school 20+ years later!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

I wouldn’t live in any one place. I’d travel constantly!

Follow Brian on Instagram @rideportlandme.

Want to ride with Brian? You can usually find him instructing at one of our many clinics in Maine and Massachusetts