Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the most popular Ninja Articles from 2018!

#1 Manual Machine

The manual is a useful skill for lofting your front wheel over an obstacle, but if you’re like most mountain bike mortals then  learning to manual is much easier said than done! Enter the Manual Machine!

#2 Bad Advice

Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you’ve even offered it… bad riding advice! Advice given out on the trail can sometimes be painfully wrong with often painful and frustrating results. Here are the five worst pieces of riding advice we’ve heard out on the trails.

#3 Steep Descents

There’s no need to be intimidated when you com across a surprise steep downward pitch in the trail. Follow these six steps to insert more confidence into your ride.

#4 Jumping

Learning how to jump isn’t a straightforward journey – it’s takes time, practice, and a good guide. That’s where we come into play.  Let’s get started!

#5 Drops

Safely riding off a drop is a mountain-biking skill that will instantly open up new lines and allow you to have even MORE fun on your bike. Are you ready to gracefully and confidently ride off drops?

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