Introducing the Mono Table, a marvel in jump ramp design that is an amalgamation of 2x Approach Ramps and 1x Boost. This incredible setup crafts a superb tabletop configuration that opens the door to endless opportunities for practicing and mastering jump techniques, regardless of your geographical location. With its compact and flexible design, the Mono Table ensures that any place can transform into your personal biking arena.

Level up your jumping abilities to unparalleled heights with our meticulously designed ramp. Its unique blend of versatility and innovation presents an unmatched tool for all your biking ambitions. Whether you’re weaving your way through treacherous trails or cruising down city streets, this ramp setup offers a fresh layer of adventure and challenge to your ride. Step by step, jump by jump, see yourself evolve into a more confident and skilled rider.

The Mono Table has been designed keeping in mind the varying needs of riders across the spectrum. Regardless of whether you’re a novice on wheels, still getting a grip on your biking technique, or an experienced rider seeking to add more flair to your jumps, this ramp setup is tailored to serve your specific needs. With adjustable legs and customizable kick angles, this all-terrain ramp accommodates a wide range of environments and rider preferences. It’s a dynamic platform that encourages experimentation and progression in your jump skills.

Built for long-lasting use, the Mono Table boasts a structure that’s precision CNC cut from treated plywood, guaranteeing an exceptional level of durability. A layer of enhanced grip coating fortifies its robust build, offering a superior level of traction that can handle the most daring jumps. Despite its robustness, it doesn’t compromise on usability. Its user-friendly design ensures that assembly and disassembly can be done with relative ease, making it highly portable. No matter where your adventures take you, your trusted ramp setup can be swiftly packed up and brought along. Plus, its compact design means it’s also easy to store when not in use.

Whether you’re a new rider aiming to experience that exhilarating feeling of catching air for the first time, or an experienced biker seeking to fine-tune intricate maneuvers like bar turns and tail whips, the Mono Table ramp caters to all your needs. It’s an inclusive design built to promote growth in every rider, accommodating a vast array of skill levels and goals.

Take a leap towards transcending the ordinary with the Ninja MTB Ramp Bundle. Become a part of a community that doesn’t just ride, but soars, using our Mono Table ramp as the launchpad for countless biking adventures. Boost your mountain biking game today, because with the Ninja MTB Ramp Bundle, the sky truly is your limit.

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Weight 104 lbs

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  1. Johnson

    Incredibly versatile – the entire neighbor rides this set up. Love it!

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Ninja MTB Double Table Top Jump Ramp

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The Double Table consists of 2x Approach Ramps and 2x Boost to create a sweet tabletop that can be setup just about anywhere.

Level up your jumping skills with our versatile ramp designed for all terrains. This adaptable setup allows you to practice and perfect your jumps at your own pace, boosting your confidence with every leap.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this ramp will be your essential tool for mastering jumps and elevating your skills. Thanks to the adjustable legs and customizable kick angles, it easily adapts to any terrain, providing a stable platform for practice.

The ramp’s durability is equally impressive, as it’s precision CNC cut from treated plywood with an enhanced grip coating. Plus, it’s user-friendly design means you can easily assemble and disassemble it, making it conveniently portable and easy to store.

New riders can learn to get air, while experienced bikers can perfect their bar turns and tail whips – our ramp accommodates everyone’s needs.

Take the leap and elevate your mountain biking game with the Ninja MTB Ramp Bundle today!



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  1. The turbo kicker jumps is really fun and so light that it’s easy to carry around. It’s good for working on form in on a smaller, safer jump then going straight for a bigger one.

  2. Works well, light weight and portable. Wood is treated so you can get it wet. Friendly customer service