Ninja MTB BMX Airbag Lander

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The Ninja MTB Air Lander is your gateway to skill perfection, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider. It’s more than a piece of equipment—it’s your partner in progress. Make the smart investment for your biking journey today.

Shipped directly from our North American facility, the Ninja Lander Matrix embodies our commitment to delivering top-quality, reliable equipment for riders worldwide. Choose Ninja MTB BMX Lander, choose confidence.

Start your adventure with the Ninja MTB BMX Lander. Enhance your skills, elevate your performance, and access the world of landing without consequences. It’s not just about taking the leap—it’s about landing with assurance. We’ve got you covered.




Ninja MTB BMX Airbag Lander: Your Gateway to Mastering Bike Jumps

Embark on your exciting biking journey with the Ninja MTB BMX Lander. Specifically designed with beginners in mind, we’ve integrated safety and performance for a thrilling start to your jumping adventures.

An Essential Tool for Beginners

The Ninja MTB BMX Lander serves as an ideal platform for enhancing your biking skills. Designed to provide a safe and secure landing experience, it paves the way for beginners to confidently transition from casual biking to mastering BMX stunts.

Innovation Meets Safety

Focusing on beginner-friendly features, the Ninja MTB BMX Lander combines practicality with unmatched safety. Leverage its excellent impact protection to improve your skills, reshape your training routine, and undertake your Mountain Bike or BMX journey with newfound confidence.

Ease-of-Use and Durability Combined

Engineered for durability while offering easy portability, the Ninja MTB BMX Lander converts any location into your personal training ground. Practice to your heart’s content, then pack it away when you’re done.

Extras Included:

Every Ninja MTB BMX Lander comes with its own corded, electric air blower. We want you to kick back and enjoy your ride without worrying about the setup time. And hey, we’re throwing in a 1-year warranty on that pump because we believe in its durability and performance.

As for the anchor hooks that come with the lander, consider them as our extra insurance for your safety. They’ll keep your landing platform steady and secure, so you can focus on nailing those tricks.

And let’s face it, even the best of us can have a rough landing every now and then. That’s why we’ve included repair cloth in the package. If there’s a minor scrape or tear, this little helper can patch things up quickly so you can get right back in the saddle. Life’s too short for long repair breaks.

Key Features:

– Beginner-friendly: Designed to cater specifically to novices embarking on their BMX journey.

– Built to Last: Constructed with high-strength materials for added durability.

– Unrivaled Safety: Offers superior impact protection for fearless training and fun-having.

– Convenient Portability: Designed for easy transportation and quick setup.


– Height: 3.6 ft / 1.1 m

– Length: 15 ft / 4.6 m

– Width: 8 ft / 2.4 m


2 reviews for Ninja MTB BMX Airbag Lander

  1. Drew K.

    Ninja has done it again! This airbag has been a game-changer for my and my kids. It’s truly taken our jumping to the next level. Highly recommended with your Approach ramp.

  2. Mason S.

    Really impressed with the quality and durability of this airbag, I’ve definitely put it through some rough landings…lol. It’s helped build my confidence, and makes landings easy!

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