Ninja Mountain Bike Performance - Skills Clinics, MTB Jump Ramps and Bike Stands

10690234_10152499916792358_7606546168961039480_nThe Ninja Mountain Bike Skills team was thrilled to lead women from the Girlz Gone Riding (GGR) club through a weekend of clinics at Malibu Creek State Park. According to GGR’s website, they’re a “positive, supportive group for all levels of riding,” and after spending a couple days laughing, joking, and smiling with these gals, we couldn’t agree more!

On Saturday, Coach Kris Gross took the lead for our fundamentals session. We enjoyed breakthroughs, teaching moments and “ah-ha” light bulbs while covering skills like the “ready” position, how to corner, and our best tips for how to climb and descend.

On Sunday, Coach Richard led the GGR ladies through a full day of advanced skills including wheel lifts, bunny hops, and switchbacks, as well as a refresher on our fundamentals.

10734178_10152499918227358_773943900824046032_n“I think the more members we have taking clinics, the better it will be for our members’ safety, confidence, and to help them overcome obstacles—whether on the trail, or coming back from an injury,” said Wendy Engelberg, Director of Girlz Gone Riding. “That’s why we’re trying to schedule as many of these opportunities as possible.”

Girlz Gone Riding is a club of female riders (and the occasional male volunteer an supporter) based in the LA area, and now with a chapter in the Inland Empire. They organize group mountain bike rides, special events (like BMX night), skills clinics and the annual riding gala, Rocktober.

Coach Kris and Coach Richard will be back in the LA Area to help Girlz Gone Riding continue to promote fun and safety on the trails with another weekend of skills clinics this February. To find a Ninja Mountain Bike Skills clinic near your, please see our schedule. And to learn more about GGR or join in on their events, please check out their website.

FEB 7Women’s Basics (8:45am – 12:00pm) Calabasas [GIRLZ GONE RIDING Edition – Morning Session]Los Angeles, CA$149 Special GGR//Register Now!
FEB 7Women’s Basics (1:00pm – 4:15pm) Calabasas [GIRLZ GONE RIDING Ed. – Afternoon Session]Los Angeles, CA$149 Special GGR//Register Now!
FEB 8Women’s Intermadiate/ Advanced (8:45am – 4:00pm) Calabasas [GIRLZ GONE RIDING Ed. – Full Day Session]Los Angeles, CA$199 Special GGR//Register Now!

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