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Garage Bunny – World’s First Bunny Hop Trainer

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Introducing the Garage Bunny, your ticket to mountain biking mastery! This innovative training tool revolutionizes your riding experience by helping you practice and master exciting skills like front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, manuals, and bunny hops. Say goodbye to fear as you practice in a controlled environment and boost your confidence to reach new heights. Need a little assistance? The adjustable helper chord boosts your bunny hops, and the assisted manual option allows you to perfect your technique with a little help. With the Garage Bunny, you can conveniently practice anywhere, from your garage to your living room.  It’s not just about skills; the Garage Bunny also doubles as your personal strength trainer, giving you a full-body workout. Aim high, break records, and master an impressive 22″+ bunny hop. Don’t miss out on this must-have tool for riders of all levels.   Compatible with 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″, 29er wheels. MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 (pat. pend.)

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Introducing the Garage Bunny, your ticket to bunny hop and manual mastery!

Ready to elevate your mountain biking skills to new heights? Look no further because the Garage Bunny is here to hop into action! Developed amidst the stunning landscapes of New Zealand and proudly manufactured in the bike-loving state of Oregon, USA, this innovative training tool is about to revolutionize your riding experience.

With the Garage Bunny, you’ll be able to practice and master a variety of exciting skills: front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, manuals, and, of course, bunny hops. These skills serve as the foundation for a whole universe of riding techniques like jumping, pumping, and boosting.

But that’s not all – the Garage Bunny also doubles as your personal strength trainer. Regular practice sessions will give you a mountain bike-specific full-body workout that’ll leave you feeling strong and powerful.

Say goodbye to fear as you practice in the comfort of your controlled environment. No more unpredictable trails or sketchy jumps holding you back, and you can conveniently practice in your garage or even your cozy living room! Rain or shine, day or night, the Garage Bunny is ready to hop into action whenever you are. It’s time to boost your confidence and reach new heights!

If you need a little assistance to get started, don’t worry! The Garage Bunny has got your back. With the helper cord, you can increase boost while learning bunny hops, and when you’re ready, reduce the help to hop independently. But wait, there’s more! For those looking to perfect their manualing skills, the Garage Bunny includes an assisted manual option. This feature allows you to practice the motion and gain strength with a little helpful boost. It’s all about building your skills and strength at your own pace!

And let’s not forget the awesome height marker – your very own personal cheerleader, celebrating each new height you conquer. Aim high, shatter your own records, and master an impressive 22″ bunny hop!

The Garage Bunny isn’t just for individual riders; it’s a must-have tool for mountain bike instructors, camps, and youth programs. Suitable for riders of all ages and experience levels, as a coach you can isolate each component of the technique and demonstrate while face to face with your clients/students allowing them to mirror your movements.

So, are you ready to take the leap? Don’t miss the world premiere of the Garage Bunny! Preorder yours today and be among the first on the planet to experience this remarkable training tool. Get ready to hop, skip, and jump your way to mountain biking greatness. Preorder now and let the Garage Bunny lead the way to the next level of riding!

Garage Bunny Assembly Video

Tools needed for assembly: 10mm socket wrench and 4mm Allen wrench (not included)

23 reviews for Garage Bunny – World’s First Bunny Hop Trainer

  1. Michael

    Seriously addicting… my bunny hop dramatically improved after just a few days of using the Garage Bunny!

  2. Wes | User + PMBIA Instructor

    Simple and easy to learn a pretty hard skill with the Garage Bunny. Gets my approval!

  3. Anna

    Garage Bunny hop trainer is my dream came true! As a busy mother of 4, I don’t have much time practicing the skills anytime I want. This is why the bunny hop trainer is my life saver! Easy to put on/off, any weather, any time it is here at my service. Safe and fun way to practice hops, bunny hops, manual m