Fitness Coaching

Regardless of your age, athletic background, occupation, or fitness level, we will provide you with a personalized, mountain bike specific training plan to help you achieve your performance goals.

We will build your training plan around the time you have available ensuring each of your workouts really count.  Coaching pricing is based upon the level of attention you want or require.

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What To Expect

All above coaching programs include an online training diary, via a Training Peaks account, so that you and your coach can easily view, update, and track your training anywhere, any time. Training plans are written to work within personalized heart rate zones, or power zones if you are training with a power meter.

Fixed-Plan Coaching

Fixed-Plan coaching is a great way to get a training plan that’s built to prepare you for your upcoming race season.   This is not full on coaching as there is little to no interaction from your coach.  Starts at $49 per month.  Learn more.

Who We Coach

Whether your goal is to crush a race or two at your local race series, complete a Bucket List ride like the High Cascade or Maah Daah Hey 100, or earn a gold coin for Leadville, we can help you achieve it. Even if you don’t have a race or ride goal, but maybe have just a fitness goal of being a faster, fitter rider, we can help you.

Below are a few of our current and past coaching clients and some of their accomplishments …

14225487_10153692396186529_5820402692834421312_nKristina Vevia

  • California State Champion 2016, Cat 3 (W 19-29)
  • National Championship Winner 2016, Cat 3 (W 19-29)
  • Kenda Cup West, Series Overall Winner, Cat 3 (W 19-29)

paula_evenson_mountain_bike-300x300Paula Evenson

  • 1st Place Masters Open Enduro (2015) USA National Championship
1st Place Cat 2 Downhill (2015)
 USAC National Championship
3rd Place Overall (2015)
 SoCal Enduro / Kenda Cup
  • USA National Championship Winner Cat 3 XC (2014)
  • 2nd Place Series Overall US / Kenda Cup XC (2014)

eric_knowles_mountain_bike-300x300Eric Knowles

  • Completed his longest event ever! (2015) High Cascades 100
    100 miles, 10,600′ of climbing on 80% single track.

 heidi_amunsdon-e1440529588307Heidi Amundson

  • 1st Place AG Cat 3 XC California State Championship (2014)
  • Fireroad 60k AG Winner (2014)
  • 5th Place AG Series Overall XC  US / Kenda Cup (2014)
  • 1st Place AG Series Overall Beginner Women XC Racers and Chasers (2012)

stephane_roch_proStephane Roch

  • 3rd Series Overall XC US / Kenda Cup Pro (2014)
  • 1st Place AG Fireroad 100 (2014)
  • Pro XC Upgrade Approved 7/2013
  • 2nd Place Cat 1 AG XC California State Championship (2013)

2016-09-23-07-41-35-amPlus Many, Many More …

  • Local Series Winners
  • Numerous Leadville 100 Belt Buckles
  • Bike Tour Preparation

Selecting The Right Plan

Need help sorting out which plan is right for you?  We’d love to help.   Drop us a quick message and we’ll promptly get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs and get you rolling with the best plan.

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