Mountain Bike Skills :: Efficiency and Flow


So you’re a competent mountain biker or XC racer and can ride most technical terrain with confidence. So why can’t you go as fast as your friends?  The answer is that you probably haven’t yet found your flow.

Our Mountain Bike Skills :: Efficiency and Flow coaching course looks at the key elements to finding your flow and builds upon your Basic and Intermediate to improve your trail speed and energy management.

After the course you will gain a boost in speed and commitment on fast flowing single track, switchbacks, berms; all of which achieved with far less pedaling by using the topography of the trail to retain, and even, increase speed.

“That was time well spent – thanks Coach Richard!  If you member_83806742do more clinics, I’d recommend them to my friends regardless of their speed level…” ~Patrick

Course outline

The skills taught and practiced on the Mountain Bike Skills :: Efficiency and Flow course include:

  • Mind skills
  • Reading the trail & linking sections for flow
  • Attacking flat corners
  • Flat and cambered corners
  • Bermed corners; lines and pumping
  • Switchbacks
  • Maximizing grip and traction with pumping
  • Learning to pump for speed & air

Typical Schedule

Although the course is flexible it will usually keep to the following program:

  • 08:45-09:00 Arrival at course venue
  • 09:00-01:00 | Skills coaching session – Pumping & Flow
  • 01:00-02:00 | Lunch
  • 02:00-04:00 | Skills coaching session – Mastering Cornering


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