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A track stand is a technique used by mountain bikers to maintain balance while stationary. It involves staying on the bike without moving forward or backward for a short period of time. Being able to balance on a bike while not in motion is an essential skill that can help riders navigate technical sections of a trail or show off their balance and control. In this article we will discuss how to track stand and then when you should be doing it.

one handed track stand

How To Track Stand

To perform a track stand, first lower your bike saddle to a position lower than normal. Then, roll up to a slightly uphill grassy area while standing on the bike. Once you come to a stop, both brakes are engaged, and the strong foot is placed on the forward pedal, while the front wheel is turned at a forty-five-degree angle towards the front foot.

To maintain balance, modulate your brakes and slightly moves the front wheel, while focusing on a fixed point in front of you. Keep your knees bent, maintain a light grip on the handlebars, and remember to breathe while staying relaxed.

When it’s time to roll out of the stand, release your brakes and starts pedaling forward. With practice, you will be able to hold the track stand for longer periods of time.

When You Might Need To Use It

In technical sections of a trail, you may need to stop abruptly to assess the trail ahead, and a track stand allows you to do so without losing your balance or dismounting from the bike. Additionally, it can be helpful when riding in a group and waiting for other riders to catch up or regrouping at a junction or intersection.

In other scenarios, such as when riding in traffic or waiting for a traffic light, a track stand can help riders remain balanced and avoid putting a foot down on the ground. This can be challenging and dangerous on uneven or slippery surfaces, use with caution.

In summary, a track stand is a stationary balancing technique used to navigate technical sections of a trail or showcase your skills. With practice, anyone can master the track stand and improve their overall mountain biking abilities.

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