Dropper posts are easily one of the best bike inventions ever. If you already ride with one (and use it), try riding without one and see how much you miss it. You’ll never take your dropper post for granted again! On the flip side, if you don’t have a dropper post you’re missing out. They have revolutionized the rider experience and have become standard on most mountain bikes for good reason.

Here are my Top 5 reasons to love (or get) a dropper post.    

1) Steeper Steeps

 A properly used dropper post allows the seat to get down and completely out of the way when the trail gets steep. This helps eliminate that dreaded crotch vs. seat hang up that can prevent us from getting our weight down and back when we need to the most. With that seat out of the way, we can get our hips down and back to tire-buzzing depths without any seat interference!

2) Better Corners

As you develop your cornering skills, you’ll start to learn more and more about the importance of bike/body separation. No idea what I’m talking about? Join us for the an Intermediate / Advanced Clinic where we go depth into high speed cornering technique! The ability to drop that seat out of the way gives more lateral movement before anything mechanical collides with your legs. This means more lean angle for the bike and more room for you to move your body. Slam that saddle and dig those tire side knobs into the dirt, it’s GO time!

3) Bigger Hops

As you develop a stronger bunny hop, the saddle becomes the limiter to how high you can lift the bike. Get that seat out of the way, and you get several inches more clearance for bringing the bike up. Every bit of height helps when it’s time to fly!

4) Softer Landings

Your legs are the original suspension. Don’t let a tall seatpost lock you out! Dropping that seat gives your body the necessary travel it needs in order to absorb landings when jumping and dropping. Your knees can move deeper, letting you soak up the hits and find your ready position for whatever the trail throws at you next!

5) More Flow

When it comes down to it, the biggest advantage of all, is that a dropper post can allow you to create more flow on the trail when used properly. Gone are the days when we’d stop to lower our posts or get stuck or stalled after getting hung up on our tall seats! Now we can keep our eyes up and hit the lever anytime we see an obstacle approaching. Life is better with more flow and if a piece of equipment can enhance that experience, I’m in. How about you?

4 Responses

  1. Amazing post. Personally love dropper posts because they are so versatile.

    Don’t forget the number 1 reason they were invented in the first place: to adjust seat height without getting off the bike.

  2. I rode 20+ years without one. Recently added one to my 2013 Rocky mountain altitude. After having it on for 8 months never really found areas/conditions when I ride to continually drop or raise my seat. Used it maybe 2x in drop position and didn’t really feel any benefit and found it more of a distraction when I accidentally would hit it and drop the seat while peddling. Just removed it and I don’t miss it all.

  3. Steve, I am the same way. Maybe I don’t ride enough technical descents but I ride about 2000 miles a year on singletrack in Missouri and have never felt the need for one.

  4. Great reinforcement article for those who don’t already have a dropper. I agree with “the greatest invention”. (Of course I have one on both of my MTBs).

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