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School’s cancelled. You know what that means?

It’s time for homeschooling; mountain bike edition!

If you are looking for some fun and creative ways to keep your Ninja Kid busy from home, here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

1. Color Like a Ninja!

Download our free Ninja coloring pages! Our friend Kristina over at Sketchy Trails has sketched up some awesome coloring pages for you to enjoy. Be sure you print a couple copies, because chances are the “teacher” is going to be coloring right alongside the kids. After you’re done coloring, post a picture of your finished work of art and tag us! We’d love to share your masterpiece with fellow Ninjas for some inspiration while everyone is stuck at home.

2. Obstacle Course

Find a safe place outside to build yourself an obstacle course and start getting creative.

Photo Credit: John Stenton

Time how long it takes to do the course and see if your Ninja Kid can improve their time! 

A quick note – now is probably not the time to be trying new tricks or taking any risks on the bikes. Keep it safe, always wear a helmet and have some fun!

3. Bling For Your Bike

You don’t have to be a “crafty” parent to get into bike nameplates. All you need is a paper plate or a piece of paper, a few pipe cleaners or zip-ties and something to draw with. Toss in a few stickers and youre in business!

For the super creative parents out there who want to take it one step further, let’s see you turn a Ninja coloring page into a nameplate. Show us what you come up with!

4. Design your Own Bike Park

Do you have a budding landscape architect / trail builder in your household? Challenge your kiddo(s) to draw out a map of your house, yard or neighborhood and draw up their dream bike park. Would they build jumps? Drops? Wall ride? Wooden bridge? Don’t forget to build a snack shack at your bike park! The possibilities are endless.

5. Jr. Bike Mechanic School

Just because schools are closed, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Why not teach the kids a few basics of bike maintenance and repair?

Welcome to Jr. Bike Mechanic School! In this class we will learn how to:

6. Share the Love

We were totally inspired by this story of kids taking to the street and writing sweet notes on the sidewalk notes for passersby. Fresh air, creativity, and kindness – a proven recipe to brighten everyone’s day.

Photo Credit: Natalie R, sweetpeabicycles.com

Our hearts are with all the families adjusting to life with no school. We hope this list of activities can bring some smiles to your day!

And remember kids, keep riding like a Ninja!

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  1. This was actually one of the coolest “tips on how to stay at home” e-mails I’ve gotten yet!

    Very well done and very useful! Thank you!

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