Every Wednesday the Trails 2 Ales Podcast dives into “a Bike Thing, a Beer Thing, and a Bonus Thing.” They joined us for two Ninja skills events in Stokesville, VA and guess what?! Last week’s “Bike Thing” was all about their experience!

Have a listen to find out about “sharpening the saw”, their biggest takeaways, and… was it worth it? (The “Bike Thing” begins at 6:15).

The Trails 2 Ales podcast shares stories about trails, ales, breweries and the people who make bikes and beer better. Check them out at Trails2Ales.com and Instagram @Trails2Ales.

Ken of Trails 2 Ales dials his timing at the Jumping Mini-Clinic

Huge thanks to Instructors Gordon Wadsworth, Missy Petty, and Hillary Marques for being such excellent hosts and sharing the Ninja stoke! Are you ready to sharpen your saw? Sign up for a skills clinic today!

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