Our friends at MTBR joined us for a 2-Day Camp to dive into the Ninja experience, tune up skills, and answer the big question: “Can you really get anything out of skills instruction after twenty years of riding?” So… let’s find out!

The A-Ha Moment

One of my favorite techniques coming away from an NMBP clinic is the pre-turn technique, which made a vast improvement when approaching singletrack switchbacks. After learning this skill—and how smooth and quick I became negotiating tight corners—I now look for any opportunity to initiate a pre-turn to keep up a smooth flow on tight singletrack trails.

“Constant communication and feedback ensure each student receives personalized instruction and a comfortable progression as the difficulty ramps up.” – MTBR

On the Fundamentals

Now I have several small adjustments that I have at the back of my mind thanks to the instructors. While riding, I’ll keep reminding myself until the muscle memory takes over.

Read the full review here: Sharpen your skills with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance

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