Andrew Lee from The Loam Wolf joined us for a 2-Day Camp to break through a riding plateau that was holding him back. While he had no problem flying down his local trails, his buddies were dropping him on corners, was no longer progressing, and was struggling to adapt to new trails outside his comfort zone. Sound familiar?

On the Fundamentals

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, because frankly I was guilty of this myself. Those fundamentals? Yeah I got those down! I ride black diamond trails all the time so I’m gooood. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t as good as I thought. Even advanced riders aren’t above a class like this.

The A-Ha Moment

One of the biggest areas we focused on with my riding was something I never even knew needed to be corrected. Since getting home and riding my local trails I realized it has been holding me back for way too long. I was guilty of sitting too high on the bike. Our instructor Randy has been coaching for a long time, and has always worked with the taller guys in the group (like me) to get lower. Throughout the course I had him in my ear, “Get lower, drop those hips, bend your knees.” It’s funny because it honestly proved to be one of the most valuable things I learned from the clinic and did the most to improve my riding all around. Every time I ride a trail now, I hear Randy in the back of my head. So, thank you Randy!

The Last Word

The skills I acquired at the Ninja Clinic are definitely a worthwhile investment, and I would advise anyone looking to improve their riding attends a clinic. I guarantee you will take something away from it, regardless of your skill level. I broke bad habits, became more aware of my body positioning, and learned things I never knew about my riding or myself. 

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