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For the third year in row, we’re shutting down our website on Black Friday to encourage our employees, our customers, and our communities to #optoutside.

We are joining REI in this movement because we, too, believe that being outside (and on our bikes) makes us our best selves.

Our lives are enriched by time spent shredding sweet single track with our best buds.  Our bodies are made healthier by switching into a harder gear and hammering out a standing climb. Our minds are clearer when we reach the top of the mountain and take a moment to enjoy the view before ripping down the descent. Basically, our lives are more complete when we are outside and on our bikes.

Don’t worry.  We will re-open on Saturday, November 25th with our once-a-year special of 60% OFF ALL clinics and camps.*  Use promo code: OPTOUTSIDE at checkout to get your discount!

Because, after all, the point is not to reject Black Friday and commercialism, but to embrace being outside.  So, choose the best line and #optoutside with a fun mountain bike adventure on Black Friday.

*Promotion valid today until November 27, 2016 at 11:59pm.
Excludes events outside of the United States.

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  1. Please know REI started this because they
    1) don’t offer “black Friday” specials and always had A LOT of people asking what the specials were. Customers were, more often than not, irritated that REI didn’t have specials…which led to unhappy customers…
    2) business was always slow on “black Friday”

    So from this number cruncher, it was/is cheaper for REI to close. AND it’s a marketing strategy for them to close and avoid have angry customers who were search for discounts…

    This is what led to the creation of #optoutside…

    It would be a sincere effort if it had been prompted by a PURE altruistic thought, versus a marketing strategy to save $$ by marketing. Those are the two issues, $$ and marketing, closing is supposed to be standing against :/

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