Tired of that pre-ride scramble to find your multi-tool, shoes, lift-pass, gloves, helmet, etc.?  Search no more — the Terra Gear Bullfrog is the answer to finally getting your mountain bike gear organized!

We’ve tried lots of bags over the years and this really stands out.  The bag features a ventilated mesh top to keep your gear aired out and touts a flexible interior that can be setup several different ways.

The Bullfrog is built tough on the outside with padded compartments on the inside to ensure your gear stays put and doesn’t get damage in transit.  You’ll love the 3 interior pockets, perfect for your season lift pass, trail maps and small tools that might otherwise easily disappear.

We recommend this bag to anyone that needs to keep their mountain bike gear organized and ready for their next ride.  Spend more time shredding and less time looking for your sunglasses!  Check out Terra Gear.



This Ninja Gear Review was written by Richard La China  Ninja Lead Instructor / Pro Rider.

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  1. Links are to a nonexistent website. It is currently on Kickstarter with only $2000+ of the $18,000 goal. $230 retail for an oversized caddy does not seem worth it, not to mention the space it will take up compared to a large messenger bag which I have been using to fit all of my gear.

    1. Hi HBD!

      We appreciate your comments. We initially thought Kickstarter would be the best option for us as we launched our business and The Bullfrog into full production. But after many messages and comments, we’ve listened and learned our fans would prefer to connect with us directly. On Monday we transitioned our website to an online store, which is why the site was down for a few hours. It’s back up now. I’m sorry you experienced a not-so-great first impression!

      We understand your comments about price. With Kickstarter’s fees and having to include shipping, we were in a corner and had to list much higher than what we intended. Yet another reason why we’ve invested in the new website and connect with people directly.

      As far as the size goes, we worked for years trying to determine the perfect size. We think the current size is ideal for most gear, even accomodating a full face helmet. We understand some people won’t have a need for that but it’s nice to have the room when traveling on longer, overnight trips.

      To help with space and storage, we’ve integrated a storage loop on the back to help get your gear up and out of the way. You can even tuck the mesh top in on itself. I ride a lot straight from my house. My Bullfrog is hanging on the wall and acts like a gear shelving unit. Then when I need to, I take it down, zip the top up and throw it in the car.

      I will share that we are planning to launch our online store Labor Day Weekend. We’ll be offering a 20% discount to The Ninja crew off of the $139.99 online price.

      Thanks again for the comments! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions or comments at [email protected].

  2. Where can I get a Terra Gear Bullfrog?? Their web domain is a dead end.
    Looks like a great product. Can I get one without joining the kickstarter??

    1. Hi Mark! Thanks so much for your comment. We’re in process of improving our website, which will include an online store. Unfortunately, the site will be down for a few hours today while everything gets done. As soon as it’s back up, I’ll message you. Thanks again!

      1. I had posted a comment a couple days ago but it seems to have been deleted. I guess positive comments only or else they get deleted.

      2. Hi Mark,

        Quick update; the new website is up and running. I’m excited to share we will be launching our online store Labor Day weekend! We’ve got a special 20% off code for the Ninja Crew. I’ll be sending over details to Richard so he can make a site wide announcement. Please email me at mike@terragear if you have any questions.

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