How To Stay Motivated With Your Training

We love cycling and we still have days when it’s a struggle to hoist ourselves out of that chair and saddle up for a ride.  Motivation is the same for all of us: It waxes and wanes like the moon.  You just need a few little tricks to keep yours shining bright when it would otherwise dim.  Here are our top 10 favorites … 

1. Find new, exciting places to ride.  Join us for an upcoming camp or clinic!


2. Buy a new part for your bike, handlebars, grips, brakes, etc.


3. Review and/or set goals.


4. Think like an athlete, not a couch potato.

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5. Read about other peoples successes.


6. Squash neg. self talk, replace it with positive self talk.


7. Focus on the WHY you ride.


8. Think about the benefits of riding, not the difficulties.


9. Read (or listen to) a book about a successful cyclists (or other athlete).


10. Watch cycling videos, especially RAD (greatest movie ever).


What else do you do to stay motivated?  We’d love your comments below …

About Ninja Skills Guru

The Guru’s #1 passion is taking bike skills and breaking them down into tangible, progressive steps. Is there a skill you just can’t master? A maneuver you don’t understand? A fear you can’t seem to get past? Turn to the Guru! The Ninja Skills Guru has spent years riding bikes and carefully breaking down riding skills into easy digestible steps so you can tackle the trail with confidence. Yup, the guru is that friend who doesn’t talk about anything but bikes!

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