What’s in a name? Everything! (Sorry, Shakespeare. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.) That’s why, as we bring all of our coaches’ talents under our Ninja umbrella, we are changing our name to properly reflect what we do. Ninja Mountain Bike Skills is now Ninja Mountain Bike Performance.

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At Ninja Mountain Bike Performance, we specialize in training COMPLETE athletes. We know that mountain bike skills and the overall health and fitness of an athlete work in a symbiotic relationship to achieve maximum enjoyment and success in the sport. If you don’t have a basic level of fitness, no amount of technical skill will help you clear that climb—or descent—at mile 50 of the ride when your heart rate is maxed out and your legs are wobbly like Jell-o. Likewise, fitness without bike handling skills is a recipe for spending lots of time in Urgent Care waiting rooms, and, even with a good magazine selection, that’s never a good time.

To train athletes that have both skills and fitness, our approach is simple, and two-pronged: we offer Skills Training AND Fitness Coaching. Yes. It’s that simple. We weren’t kidding. Our IMBA Certified and PMBI Skills Coaches  can teach you the bike handling skills you need to keep the rubber side down while navigating technical terrain. And, our USA Cycling Certified Coaches can help you achieve new levels of fitness, whether you goal is to climb that darn hill by your house without your lungs exploding, or win a national championship.

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