Jumping Mini-clinic

jumping_2Are you ready to take your mountain biking to the the next level, literally?

Learn the fundamentals of jumping your mountain bike in a safe setting with pro rider / mountain bike coach Coach Richard La China.

Class is limited to 10 riders and will take you through a series of progressions that will have you flying high in just a couple hours.

We’ll start with basic wheel lifts, flat hops, bunny hops, tail whips and work our way up to weighting and un-weighting over a jump, practice on small gap jumps, jumps in succession and landing on descents, flat and more.  (All training is done in a controlled grass area on manufactured ramps).

Goal: To have you successfully clear a 4-5 foot gap jump (approximately 2 feet in the air) and land safely and predictably.


  • Thursday evening, 5:30pm on August 20. SOLD OUT
  • Thursday evening, 5:30pm on September 3. SOLD OUT
  • Thursday evening, 5:30pm on September 24. SOLD OUT
  • Thursday evening, 5:30pm on October 15. SOLD OUT
  • Check here for the next clinic in your area.

mountain bike jumping

Prerequisite:  You must have two years minimum riding experience or have attended any Ninja fundamentals, intermediate/advanced skills clinic or a mountain bike skills camp in the last year in order to attend this mini-clinic.

What to Bring: Your mountain bike, helmet, full finger gloves, and knee/elbow pads (if you have them).


About Ninja Skills Guru

The Guru’s #1 passion is taking bike skills and breaking them down into tangible, progressive steps. Is there a skill you just can’t master? A maneuver you don’t understand? A fear you can’t seem to get past? Turn to the Guru! The Ninja Skills Guru has spent years riding bikes and carefully breaking down riding skills into easy digestible steps so you can tackle the trail with confidence. Yup, the guru is that friend who doesn’t talk about anything but bikes!

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