2014-08-15 10.57.31 amThe track stand is a relatively simple mountain biking skill. It’s very useful when tackling technical sections of a trail or for just showing off.


1. Put your bike saddle in a lower than normal position.

2. Roll up to a grassy, slightly uphill area in a standing position.

3. Come to a stop with both brakes. Your strong foot should be on the forward pedal while turning the front wheel on a forty five degree angle towards your front foot.

4. Balance by modulating your brakes and moving the front wheel slightly.  As with all balance techniques, focus on fixed point in front of you. If you follow something moving, you are going to move with it.

5. Stay relaxed, maintain a light grip on the bars — knees bent. Remember to breathe.

6. Roll out of the track stand by releasing the brakes and pedaling forward.

7. Practice until you can hold the track stand for a few seconds and be able to roll out of it. With time and practice, you’ll be able to hold your track stand for longer and longer.

Here’s a great video from one of our heros, Ryan Leech, demonstrating this skill …

That’s it, enjoy!

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  1. Just finished with Richard and Aaron here in Santa Fe, New Mexico a two day Mountain Bike skills class. I gotta say, WOW!!!!! Picking up many skills is showing me an improved way to ride around our hills and mountains. Most of all the confidence to do drops that I otherwise ride around and high speed corners that I usually wash out on. Thanks guys and look forward to more in the future. Also big thanks to Katherine. Glad she is in our back yard. Pat Brown

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