G2_MOUNTAINBIKESKILLSNinja Mountain Bike Skills is excited to announce we’re hitting the road again! This time, we’ve got Orange County in our sights, and we are thrilled to partner with G2 Bike to offer three clinics on the January 18–19, 2014 weekend.

This cyclist’s dream shop has got something for everyone—you can head over to pick up training tools, or a training plan (complete with coach!) to help you be your best in whatever discipline speaks to you. G2 Bike’s Manager, Ted Willard, our host for the weekend and fellow coach said, “I discovered the joy of helping athletes develop and strive for more than they think they are capable of.” To that we say, “Now that’s the spirit!”

Join us and learn to Ride Like a Ninja. You’ll soon conquer your fears on the drops and switchbacks, unlock free speed in the corners and boogie up any climb the trail throws at you. We’ll teach you how to brake effectively, how to perfect your footwork and demonstrate just how much your body position can affect your ride.

mtb_skills_jumpFollowing your clinic, you will see an immediate improvement in your riding and a boost in confidence. You’ll understand how changes in your body position, footwork and where you are looking affect the way your bike behaves.  You’ll be able to tackle steeper terrain, corner with control and negotiate trail obstacles with ease.  And G2 Bike will be ready to help with any mechanical support you need.

By popular demand, these clinics will be held at the Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. Hone your skills no matter what level rider you are, then unleash them on this park’s over 30 miles of trail on 4,500 acres of wilderness. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend!

Click HERE to register for an upcoming clinic, or here for more information our entire UPDATED SCHEDULE.

The crews at G2 Bike and Ninja Mountain Bike Skills can’t wait to see you there!

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