Skye Nacel

Skye lives in western Oregon and is a full time human movement and adventure skills coach. He is a surfer and applies the concepts to his MTB riding and coaching. Focus on Fun and Flow, linking turns, finding speed and air whenever possible, ride trails like waves.  

Instructor Skye Nacel Profile Image

Home Base

Cottage Grove, OR

Other Gigs

Owner Mocean365 LLC./Mocean MTB.  Human Movement Coach, Construction /trade work. Stoke Provider!

Instructor Certifications

PMBI Level 1

Favorite Type of Terrain

Loamy and Rowdy AF!

Favorite Post-Ride Beverage

Icy Yerba Mate’

Riding Tip    

Think like a surfer on your bike…flow, carve and pump for speed and look down the line so you can hit that next section!

Favorite Riding Partner

Meg aka Rootswise

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

BC…(Vancouver Island especially) or New Zealand.

Follow Skye on Instagram @mocean3six5.

Looking to ride with Skye? You can find him instructing at one of our many clinics in Oregon and California.