Road Bike Skills Basics – Level II

BR!_Ride-3-Jun2006If your “new bike” smell is gone and your chain has a wee bit of grime on it from those few rides you’ve done, and yet you’re still not totally comfortable out there on your bike, then the Basics Level II is the class for you.

Our Road Skills: Basics Level II reviews the fundamental concepts from our Level I class and then builds on them.

Our coaches help you brush up on your bike anatomy and then delve into things like finding the perfect saddle, cleaning and maintenance of the bike, and how to do basic fixes or know when to take it in to a pro.

The review of cycling safety concepts and rules of the road is expanded to incorporate urban riding (how to share the road with cars) as well as the art and etiquette of group riding.

The skills portion will review shifting, braking, cornering, and descending with a strong emphasis on increasing speed and efficiency (ie smart shifting to avoid cross-chaining and working on the perfect pedal stroke).

We will end with a group ride along a route that incorporates bike lanes, bike paths, and city streets so that our coaches can help you perfect your skills out there on road.

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