Nicco Salvador

About Nicco

(IMBA Level II Certified Skills Instructor)

Nicco started distance riding in his childhood, riding 50+ miles by age 11.  When not on long rides, he turned pedals at local BMX and jump tracks.  His first long distance race was 24 Hours of Adrenaline and has been hooked on endurance ever since.  Riding centuries, 12 and 24 hour races, his most notable ride was Leadville in 2012.  Future rides include High Cascade 100 in Oregon and La Ruta de Los Conquistadores in Costa Rica.

Nicco is passionate about teaching the skills he’s learned over the years to riders wanting to learn and loves to introduce local trails to new riders whenever possible.  Nicco is now an IMBA Level II Certified Skills Instructor and is looking forward to use his new teaching methods to further mountain biking everywhere.



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