Mulberry Gap – 3 Day Camp


Mulberry Gap, GA – JUNE 18-20, 2021


**These are required in advance in order to participate in the event. Thank you!**

SIGN THE WAIVER- If you’ve not done so already, please read and sign our Event Waiver / Liability Release here ——>

TELL US ABOUT YOU- Please take 5 minutes to complete a short survey here (by Wednesday) ——>

PAY MULBERRY GAP SITE FEE (if needed): Ninja clinic participants who are NOT staying with Mulberry Gap will be required to pay a weekend facility use fee of $30 which covers on-site parking, use of on-site trails and access to shower facilities.  This fee must be paid in advance to Mulberry Gap.

***Please note, meals and lodging are not included in this camp. Be sure you have arrangements for this weekend. Mulberry Gap offers great lodging options and delicious meal plans.


Cell phones don’t work well in this area. It’s best to take a look at the map before you head out to the venue.


If you’re staying at Mulberry Gap (and have a meal plan) — join your instructors for dinner at 6pm Thursday evening. If you’re staying off-site you’re more than welcome to stop by Thursday evening to say hi. 

Camp officially starts Friday morning at 9:45AM (Mulberry serves breakfast @ 8:30am for those with a meal plan).

Make sure you’re there and ready to ride at that time. Your instructors will do a quick bike safety check and then you’ll head down to the skills area to get started!


Your instructors and onsite contacts this weekend are:

  • Cory Rimmer // 865-403-2629 
  • Jon Cox // 828-424-9663
  • Rachel Kelleher // 828-999-8452
  • Eden Jackson // 770-596-3833


  • BIKE in good, working order
  • Water bottle/vessel and any extra snacks you may want.
  • We highly recommend you wear pads.
  • If you did not purchase a meal option through Mulberry Gap, please be sure to pack your meals! There are zero dining options nearby.
  • Please have a face cover accessible on you or in your pack (E.g. mask, bandana, buff).
  • Be sure to check the weather forecast before you come and pack for the conditions. We recommend layers, sunscreen and bug spray. While there isn’t any rain in the forecast, we recommend bringing a rain jacket just in case.
  • If you have them, it’s always a good idea to carry a spare tube, small pump (or Co2), tire levers and a multi-tool when heading out on the trails.


What kind of pedals should I have on my bike?

We recommend you ride whatever pedals you’re most comfortable with. However, we have found that it’s much easier to learn the majority of the skills with flat pedals if you have some experience on them.

Do I need pads?

Pads are not mandatory at any of our clinics or camps, but we highly recommend you bring (and use) them.  We’ve seen a set of pads give our participants that added level of safety and comfort needed for them to have a light-bulb breakthrough moment.

Should I tip my instructors?

While gratuity is not required or expected,  it’s certainly appreciated by your instructors! 5-10% for each guest is Industry Standard for exceptional service, support, and expertise. Unless you’d like to tip separately, instructors divide tips among themselves.


Our event is on and following local guidelines for COVID 19. Our instructors have been educated on industry standard COVID 19 guidelines as published by BICP and PMBIA.  Please be informed as to any local COVID 19 restrictions that may apply to your travel to and from the event. 

  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Please have a face cover accessible on you or in your pack (E.g. mask, bandana, buff) for any circumstance where a 6 foot distance can not be maintained (first aid scenarios, check-in, taking shelter from rain, etc.)
  • We recommend carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pack.

….more frequently asked questions and answers HERE!

Need further assistance? Contact Ninja Customer Service at [email protected]