Cindy Schafer

Cindy first discovered the magical world of mountain bikes in 2012 when her now husband took her for her first ride in the woods of Wisconsin.  Little did her husband know, Cindy would soon be beating him in bike races!  Since her first fateful ride in the woods, Cindy has competed in a number of marathon bike races and pedaled her bike on some of the most challenging long distance trails around the country including the Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota and the White Rim Trail in Utah.

A well-known secret about Cindy…there isn’t a hill she isn’t willing to climb on her bike!  The longer the climb the better.  Cindy’s passion for biking and excitement for helping others develop their mountain biking skills is absolutely contagious.

When not on a bike, you can find Cindy running through the woods, climbing cliffs, hiking, camping in the mountains and gardening in her backyard.