Christy Markel

This is Christy, she loves the woods, loves the smell of the damp dirt, seeing the trees zip past as she rides. But is from Orlando, so urban assaults is her daily ride. Regardless she enjoys working on her creativity on line choice, and are always looking for the next drop. Above all she loves progress and even more so enjoys watching others progress.

Home Base

Orlando, FL

Other Gig

Co-owner of Kyle’s Bike Shop

Instructor Certifications

PMBI Level 1

Favorite Type of Terrain or Feature

XC and Flow

Favorite Trail Snack   

Trail Mix

Favorite Post Ride Food or Drink

Taco’s and Beer

Favorite Riding Tip      

It’s all about the balance

Favorite Riding Partner

My Husband Kyle

How did you get into Mountain Biking?

My then boyfriend, now husband got me into mountain biking. But it wasn’t fun for me at first. I crashed and cussed a lot. It didn’t become fun for me til I stopped chasing him in the woods and worked on my fundamentals.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

I would really love to live in the Brevard/Asheville NC area. I love the weather and the endless ride options.

Looking to ride with Christy? Join her in one of our Florida clinic locations or check her out on IG @kbs_katmarkel