Angela Brooks

Angela has been riding her whole life. She started leading rides and teaching kids to ride in the 90’s and now coaches women, kids and men all over Wisconsin to be better riders. From racing to jumping, she just wants to have fun. She has 3 daughters and all of them race with NICA. Her goal is to encourage everyone to feel confident on their bikes and to get out in the woods, all year round, to have a great time on two wheels.

Home Base

Salem, Wisconsin

Other Gig

Video producer and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Everything else in her life is biking.

Instructor Certifications

BICP Level 2

Favorite Type of Terrain or Feature

Fast, flowing, downhill riding with roots, jumps and switchbacks.

Favorite Post-Ride Snack   

Water is best then a good beer.

Favorite Riding Tip      

Look where you want to go!

Favorite Riding Partner

Her kids and husband Matt. She and Matt have been riding together since before they were married in 2001.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Pisgah Mountains, but I’m happy where I live now, too. The seasons make riding a great challenge all year round.

Looking to ride with Angela? You can usually find her instructing at one of our many clinics in Illinois.