leadville_trail_100_mtb_logo The Leadville 100 is known as a “fire road” course that even includes some paved sections. Sure, it may be at 10,000 feet, but it doesn’t sound too technical, right? It’s not like the twisty single track of BC or Bend, so pre-rides aren’t really necessary, right? Wrong. Like, SO WRONG.

Whether it’s your first time at Leadville and your goal is just to finish, or it’s your third time and you’re trying to get the big buckle, pre-riding and strategy planning are necessary.  On those fire road climbs and descents, there are good lines—and bad— and when your legs are wobbly like Jell-o from riding for 7+ hours and your lungs are burning up from the altitude, you’ll be glad you know where they are. Also, having your fueling, hydration, and pacing strategies all planned out will allow you to focus on your most important  task of race day: keeping those pedals moving.

IMG_3308_2So, how do you do this? Well, this is where I come in. I’m like a LT 100 tutor: you can either ask me to help you with a specific thing, or you can ask me to help you with it all. I plan of being out at the next Leadville 100 (2017) and will be available for pre-rides, race strategies discussions, fueling and hydration planning, where to put your support tent, what your support crew should be doing, where on-course congestion is and how to deal with it, and more.

For pricing information and to get on the schedule, contact us here.

Or, perhaps you’d like to join us for our upcoming Leadville 100 Pre-ride camp?   Learn all about it here